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Gratitude - 2012/04/03 - Peter Westergaard

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April 3rd, 2012

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10:47 am - Gratitude - 2012/04/03
Inspired by some friends, I'm taking a little time to focus on some of my Gratitude. I'm going to try not to repeat myself, and see how far I go.

I'm grateful for the patience and love and support that my friends and love ones extend to me. When I need it most, I often take the least time to appreciate it. So I'm saying a big deliberate and deeply heart-felt Thank You right now.

I'm grateful for the job I hold. It challenges me, gives me a sense of value to something larger than myself, and lets me connect at least weekly with people I respect.

I'm grateful for the city and the era in which I live. For my context. I'm happy here. While I'm fascinated by other countries and periods of history, I don't think I could have ever realized myself in those contexts as well as I can here and now.

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