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Gratitude - 2012/04/10 - Peter Westergaard

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April 11th, 2012

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02:37 am - Gratitude - 2012/04/10
More Gratitude! I meant to do these daily, but disorganization gets in the way. I am grateful though so I will continue! for Family, especially my Parents, the people who supported and provided for me and gave me such a head start. You've been so good to me! I'm grateful for my brain. My best feature, I believe. It may not be a world-class brain, but it's more than sufficient to my needs, and my needs (expectations) are not inconsiderable. I'm grateful for my looks. (See: parents, those handsome devils). My second-through-nth best features. :) I don't believe I've ever abused them, but I have had occasion to be grateful they were mine.

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