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That "What D&D Character Are You?" Meme - Peter Westergaard

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August 16th, 2013

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05:15 pm - That "What D&D Character Are You?" Meme
I actually liked the "detailed stats" block at the bottom, so I'm posting it here, for that. It made me think a little differently about alignment, etc.

I Am A: Lawful Neutral Human Monk/Wizard (3rd/2nd Level)

Ability Scores:







Lawful Neutral A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs him. Order and organization are paramount to him. He may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or he may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government. Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot. However, lawful neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it seeks to eliminate all freedom, choice, and diversity in society.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Primary Class:
Monks are versatile warriors skilled at fighting without weapons or armor. Good-aligned monks serve as protectors of the people, while evil monks make ideal spies and assassins. Though they don't cast spells, monks channel a subtle energy, called ki. This energy allows them to perform amazing feats, such as healing themselves, catching arrows in flight, and dodging blows with lightning speed. Their mundane and ki-based abilities grow with experience, granting them more power over themselves and their environment. Monks suffer unique penalties to their abilities if they wear armor, as doing so violates their rigid oath. A monk wearing armor loses their Wisdom and level based armor class bonuses, their movement speed, and their additional unarmed attacks per round.

Secondary Class:
Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

Detailed Results:

Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19)
Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18)
True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19)
Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18)
Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXX (9)
Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXX (7)
Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXX (6)

Law & Chaos:
Law ----- XXXXXXXXX (9)
Neutral - XXXXXXX (7)
Chaos --- XXXXXX (6)

Good & Evil:
Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Evil ---- (0)

Human ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)
Dwarf ---- XXXX (4)
Elf ------ XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Gnome ---- XXXXXX (6)
Halfling - XXXXXXXX (8)
Half-Elf - XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Half-Orc - XXXXXX (6)

Barbarian - (-23)
Bard ------ (-19)
Cleric ---- (-6)
Druid ----- (0)
Fighter --- (-2)
Monk ------ XXXX (4)
Paladin --- (-21)
Ranger ---- XX (2)
Rogue ----- (-2)
Sorcerer -- (0)
Wizard ---- XXXX (4)

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[User Picture]
Date:August 16th, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
Chaotic Good Human Sorcerer (5th Level). This does not surprise me.
[User Picture]
Date:August 17th, 2013 02:10 am (UTC)
I did the quiz last week and ended up as a True Neutral human ranger. I can't remember what level.
[User Picture]
Date:August 17th, 2013 02:12 pm (UTC)
Neutral Good Human Wizard/Sorcerer (3rd/2nd Level)
[User Picture]
Date:August 17th, 2013 05:10 pm (UTC)
You very thoughtfully put in an LJ cut tag. And then put all of the content outside the boundaries of said tag :)
[User Picture]
Date:August 19th, 2013 01:39 pm (UTC)


They changed the client, I should have just hand-coded this crap but I actually doubted I still remembered all the finer points. GRR.
[User Picture]
Date:August 19th, 2013 01:47 pm (UTC)

Re: Dangit

Oooh, looks like people are using the lj-spoiler tag now. I didn't know that got introduced.
[User Picture]
Date:August 19th, 2013 01:53 pm (UTC)

Re: Dangit

Oh, neat. Something new?! Wow. I'm surprised. :)

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