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January 17th, 2012

01:12 am - Bread Machine Goodness
I'm posting this mostly to remind myself about it since it's pretty much stock-pot-stew and bread-making season again.



Found that first site very helpful because my breadmaker is hard-working but cranky and didn't arrive in my arms with any sort of a manual. (Why am I hearing Morgan tell me "I dated a girl like that once?" Hahaha... I *married* one! Hee).
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November 19th, 2011

11:29 am - Breaking Silence

Haven't been as happy with the lj iPhone app and generally most of my updates have been short and on the go so to Facebook iPhone they go. Or BlackBerry social which handles my Facebook and Twitter.

But I miss this place, really.

I miss the way I felt like when I set up security features, they'd STAY that way. Or rather, I had gotten to where I forgot what it meant to have to worry about that.

It was a simple equation. We generated content deliberately, others came looking for it. Facebook's model (where you generate content accidentally or as a byproduct of other actions, and others try to figure out how to shut those parts up without losing the parts you generate deliberately) irritates me some days. But what can I say, their interface still pleases me more.

Anyhow, had a birthday recently. Beginning to feel a bit older yeah. Checking out my eyes, (still good, no real change from two years ago), having to check out my cholesterol ongoing, occasional other small health worries. Eh, I'm getting older. :)

I considered doing a "presents or paddy whacks" sort of birthday meme. An invitation to comment to a post where replies are screened and IPs are not logged. An opportunity to tell me (anonymously or not) something you've always wanted to tell me whether good or bad (your butt does look fat in those jeans/your butt looks HOT in those cargos) or to tell me you're in on some secret I'm not keeping nearly as well as I think I am. (dude, EVERY OTHER history nerd uses 1066 as a PIN, stop it). ---OR--- to ask a question, any question, in public or private, for reply either in public or private. (obviously anonymous questions wishing private reply may not be achievable). ---or--- both if ya want. ;)

Sound interesting? Let me know, and I'll hook up my post-birthday meme thinger. :)

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June 27th, 2011

10:02 am - Thank you Spammer
Because of a spammer, I visited THIS old page http://courtly.livejournal.com/290200.html

And I really enjoyed doing it... (6 years ago!!!)

Maybe I'll repeat the meme... it was a hoot.

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June 10th, 2011

11:34 am
Last week (first week of June), I started up the container-gardening project again.

I'm finding it much easier to work in checking the plants for water when my work desk has a direct line-of-sight to the balcony. Everything is on my mind solidly!

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June 5th, 2011

08:05 pm - June 5 - Planting, Cleaning, Renewing
Planted another couple of containers of seeds on the balcony today.  Beans, turnips, and some of that Japanese squash we tried last year. We'll see how we do this year.  I might bring up the drig-irrigator from downstairs (yay for battery power), but I'm a bit worried about the growth of algae in the tank if I leave it running for weeks at a time.  I guess it's not that hard to clean if I just bring it inside each time it gets empty, swish a half-capful of bleach in the reservoir, then rinse well.  The tubing will probably end up fairly dry most of the time, just because of the sun on the black tubing.  I may need to replace the tubing after a season or two;  I don't think it was designed for outdoor use.  

Went for a lovely long walk in the sun, the weather was a touch warm but felt good.  Spent some gift cards that had been gathering dust on my shelf, got a movie, some xbox games, and some music.  

Cleaned the balcony windows, too!  Looks pretty good, but I might want to do it again sometime (the wash-water ran BLACK when I was done - I'm sure there's plenty of grime I was just pushing around by the end of it... so maybe in a week or two, starting at the opposite end).  

Now here's this pile of mail I have to process.  Uhoh.  I've seen this BEFORE: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-is-why-ill-never-be-adult.html
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May 23rd, 2011

08:46 pm - Bixi

Seen a great number of Bixi bikes around this weekend.

A fair number of those were places I was very surprised to see Bixi bikes: Ashbridges, Centre Island.

For those unaware, Bixi's model is point-to-point travel. You pay a fee for borrowing rights ($5 for 24 hours), and you can borrow from any rack and return to any rack. Rides less than 30 minutes carry no surcharge. Rides more than 30 minutes cost an increasing amount, capping out at $8/half-hour, which is reached after 90 minutes.

So quite clearly, taking one of these for a pleasure trip, a day at the beach, or similar, is going to become expensive. There are places where pleasure rentals are much cheaper (Centre Island has places that rent bikes for $7/hour, for example)

Now I realize I'm having one of my misanthropic moments, but part of me dreads Toronto is about to see some sort of backlash of people that stopped reading the fee chart at "$5 for 24 hours" and don't understand why they now owe forty bucks for their bicycle jaunt.

I mean possibly these folks had figured they'd spend only an 90 minutes or so at the beach and would for the premium price of about $20, only 25% over the competition at that point, save themselves the hassle of lineups at the bike rental shops. I guess there are scenarios where it makes sense, but there's a part of me that thinks I'm giving out too much credit. :(

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08:04 pm - Rickshaws

I was thinking about pedestrian-powered rickshaws the other day, about how I tend to have ethically-based discomfort with the idea of paying someone to power me around with their own two feet.

Well when I saw an "ecotaxi" on the streets of Toronto last week, I realized I had no problems with them.

Why not? Is there a fundamental difference between someone pulling me along, and someone biking me along? Is it just that the leverage of physics makes me ignore the weird caste-like overtones? Or the fact that it's pretty shiny tech compared to a rickshaw?


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May 12th, 2011

12:01 am - Oh the things one can see...
Tonight, on our drive out, we flashed past three "girls gone wild": some adolescents out to enjoy themselves, playfully flashing their bare-white posteriors by the side of the highway then running off down the embankment.

And if they hadn't been such fine examples of cervidine pulchritude, I'd have been a bit alarmed.

(We saw a fourth up by the Terry Fox memorial and lookout, having a bit of a picnic supper all on her onesies, and it took over a minute before my coughing fit scared her away).
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April 29th, 2011

01:02 pm - UTS probably moving within a decade
This article: (from the Globe and Mail) came as a fair bit of a surprise to me actually. UTS might have to move from its current digs. I can still remember the layout of that place in the late 80s like the back of my hand. I'm sure the layout hasn't much changed in the intervening decades.

Yes: It was where I went to high school, and I am fundamentally glad that it was there for us. I know for a fact that the environment at that school made a huge difference to the person I am today. I'm saddened by the realities of rising tuition costs, though that is softened by the certainty that the administration is maintaining a high standard of admission, combined with strong financial support in cases of need.

I have trouble imagining some day in the 2020s, walking by that building and not having the connection. I've been by there several times lately, even before reading this news. There are, suffice it to say, many strong and emotionally-massive memories in and around that building. (I'm talking the sort of mass that deforms the fabric of space-time!). I suppose it never occurred to me that it was as impermanent as anything else. It just felt like one of those anchored points of a child's life. I'm sure there are students who never had an institution to feel like that about. I wonder if that presence, or lack, is a significant one.

Anyhow, I'm certain that there might be a little more to the story than what's in the paper, and I am confident or at least hopeful that it's being adequately considered and discussed at all levels.
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April 4th, 2011

05:35 pm - This makes me VERY happy
A total uplifting note for an otherwise really frustrating day:


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